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Got a Zero exhausts Stainless Steel Rear Exhaust Box for an MG ZT-T 190 2.5 V6 Estate/Tourer for sale on ebay:

This exhaust is beautifully made by Zero Exhausts who are well known in MG circles for the quality of their work and costs over £250+VAT new. (I got this after I got a pair for my ZT260 and was impressed with the quality.)

The box will fit any MG ZT Tourer (or ZTT) which has the diameter of the exhaust pipe under the car of 60mm (6cm) so it may fit 160, 120 horse power models too, but best you measure the pipe first.

The tailpipes are slash cut like the original parts.

The exhaust should also fit saloon models too but the tail pipes will stick out a bit further than they should – you could trim them to fit with a hack saw or angle grinder.

This rear exhaust box has the mounting bracket pre-fitted to it for ease of fitment.

This exhaust back box has been used for about 200 miles on my 2003 MG ZT-T 190.

I removed it as it was a bit too rorty for my wife’s taste.

Once fitted it will probably outlive the car!

Please ask if you have any questions.

Good luck
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