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Glad to see you still have mine's brother :)
Shame about the Rotty :( two of my Workmates lost Rotties last year...
It all depends on what the governement is planning to do with their CO-tax
If they couple it to the drivingdistance, then she can stay (the car does less then 5000km a year). If they couple it only on the fuelconsumption or anything like cc then she has to go. An anual tax now for the car of 1850€ is already nuts. If you consider that you can do as much km as you want.

The dog was 10 years. Not bad for a rottweiler. Hope she enjoyed her stay here.

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Had mime since Feb 2004. Now a weekend only toy just clocked 20K #85
So can I be added to the list.
And I want an LS376-480 conversion

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I still have mine. Only needed tyres and servicing. Still going strong. Had the fix for the fuel pump and the replacement coolant hose fitted. Got a new heater valve to do when the weather improves.

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I am on my 2nd one I had a standard facelift Mk2 then had a rest for a couple of years until along came my current one complete with Supercharger at a very sensible price

I had been brooding since I sold the black one so my other half Karen bought this one for me.

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List names from those that have said they have one or getting one!

Amended - 12th March 2010

Maybe the mods or new owners will just add their name to the list.

  1. Timh
  2. pmessling
  3. NOCTURNAL - Nick
  4. Wileo
  5. Jules
  6. scooter - Brian
  7. philby777
  8. MG Mad (Mrs MG)
  9. Alicatt - Alistair
  10. Steve White
  11. colintf - Colin Murrell
  12. SH4RKY
  13. tonybubble
  14. tonybubble has 2
  15. Greeners
  16. Martin Reyland
  17. Goose - how u doing matey?
  18. malkin61
  19. John Newey
  20. Lowey 260 - 2
  21. AndyG
  22. Retread
  23. ksilver
  24. Steve Childs
  25. Geoff 11
  26. Proto ZT
  27. Frekkel
  28. V8STEVE
  29. PaulW
  30. micksnr
  31. Keith Alexander

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Came lurking by. Noticed nothing has really been posted in years. At one time there were hundreds of posts a week.

Guess, there aren't many 260's in good condition left either.
81 - 94 of 94 Posts
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