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I still look in occasionally, but as my e-mail addy is hotmail for here, I can't poll the messages from OE any-more so look far less often.

Add me to the list Very Happy with my daily runner @10k per year :D
Cost me just tyres/fuel and services basically though you can add New discs and pads to that very shortly.

It still makes me smile every day usually more than twice a day after 3 years of ownership...

Personally I would say my only niggle is the combination of fuel un-economy combined with the 13 odd gallon tank that means I have to fill up too often...

I'm not a complete Idiot, I knew the mpg when I bought it and have managed to keep up with it (I'm not well off) But Mine seems to do far less per gallon than many claim, but its shorter journeys I guess.

Overall I'm glad I bought it and havent felt the need to look at an autotrader since... that tells a story!
I used to keep up with prices for about 4-5 months, then thought 'why', as the only reason I will sell is if I literally can't afford to run it, and luckily at the moment I can manage :)



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1 - 3 of 94 Posts
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