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ZT Auto - you can't be serious?

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From this weeks Autocar:
Drivers wanting, a rapid MG version of the 75 saloon can now buy it in automatic form. The £20,995 ZT180 Sport Auto goes on sale this week with a detuned 177bhp version of the 2.5 lite V6 and a five speed auto.
MGR is also planning a bespoke options package tagged "Monogram". Interior options will include the lates high-tech kit such as DVD players. For £1400, buyers will also be able to get their cars in new paint jobs which will change colour in different light.

Jerry: Looks as though they are using the standard R75 2.5 motor and not the ZT190!

Also, managed to see a ZT in the blue/green colour at the BTCC at Donington last year in the blue/green (like Nissan). Very nice - but I will save my shekles for other toys. Picture of the car on the main site.
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I think that an auto ZT is a logical and thoughtful move, even though there are obvious compromises. For example, it opens up the MG range to make it more accesible to those who prefer or need auto's (the disabled/auto licence only)
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