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ZT 190 Track Test

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This MGZT may look well dressed for the part ,but its not gonna like what i'm about to do to it!
so for starters,we shall see what the driving position is like,it has a fully adjustable steering wheel, i sit really low-what i like,this is excellent!
No traction control here, although you have a extra 15 bhp you also have another 250 kgs,so it doesn't have the same zippy performance of the ZS180,but it has the same flat cornering,its got very good anti-roll control,that means you can lay it in and get a little bit SIDEWAYS in the middle of the corners (if you want to show off and have fun),but when it comes to braking it hasn't got the stopping power of the ZS180.
The amazing thing is how manageable it is for a big saloon,it hasn't got the same smile factor of a big rear wheel drive beemer,its got amazing levels of grip, its safe ,solid, its FUN!
The ZT is large but a lot of fun!

I hope the ZT's sideways action rolls over into the new ZS
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