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ok so what have u beaten or lost to dont matter really be interesting to know what cars to look out for other car users can post up too

ill start
golf gti
b*w 318
vectra gsi
astra sri
focus 170
escort rs2000

lost too
golf v6motion

Which one shall I drive today?
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I think the greater spread of torque from the KV6 would make this one pretty close. Can't decide.

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Not many willing participants to date, but so far:
2 litre 16v calibra. (The one that every one dissed at Thruxton)
Saxo VTS
BMW 325i
Mazda MX6

Cosworth escort

I gave up quite early on the last 2, I just wanted to see what the power difference was. I know when Im out classed.:cry:

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Well Kev, I know the answer to this one because I was there when you did this.

As for my scalps, please consider I live in Paris and they like the Diesel over here.
Mind you, they like to try there luck anyway.

Ferrari 350 (off the lights in a traffic jam in Paris)
Porsche 911 Turbo (off the lights in a traffic jam in Paris)
Audi TT’s both variants
Golf GTI’s
BMW (they are a ****** pain in the bumper, you waist them they catch you up and still insist on more punishment ‘usually X5’s)
MG Z’s (way to much respect for each other, like shooting at your own troops)
Ford (sometimes its nice to humiliate people because I’ve had a bad day)
Loads of different motorbikes, there is a nice stretch of dual carriageway on my way home, both sides of it are protected with concrete barriers very long sweeping flat out in 4th right hander then it straightens for about 400 meters and flat out in 3rd left to right S bend change up to 4th flat out on exit. Not one of the bikes I’ve raced on this stretch has beat me yet, although on the exit they do pass me. (NOTE, I only do this in the very late hours on my way home from Paris when there are no other cars on the road).

180 Boy

The mechanic
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Done these on a regular basis :D
saxo vtr/vts why do they bother
vx corsa only because he had his main beam on me
escort gti nuff said
focus st170
bmw 316/318/320 just no point at all
audi tt

But the one who had a lot of nuts was the guy in a TF160 we were 2 abreast on a roundabout and he was sideways top respect,round two won,t be long i hope

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I have played with a couple of cossies when in my espace (V6 2.9 145bhp), lost to one, the other blew his engine. I also beat a BMW B30 Alpina from a set of lights, 1/4 through a roundabout and another 1/4 to a drop in speed limit to 50 mph where I backed of to 50, he came flying past.

The best fun I have had in my MG Maestro 2.0i (currently waiting a T16 conversion, George call me please as your mailbox is full and you are never there when I call) was an EVO7 over about 10 miles of high speed dual carrageway with a number of roundabouts and traffic. He was much faster but kept being baulked by other cars and his inability to plan ahead, at one point I actully pulled past him in the inside lane. By the end of it he was 3 cars in front and pulled into a shop forecourt.

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