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Looking at the revised engine line up for the new MG TF has got me thinking if MG Rover will up the power on the 120 to 135. from what ive heard this power upgrade costs little money and it would make the entry ZS a very attractive buy!bangs per bucks.
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I would expect the "135" to be available, to the rest of the range soon.

Read recently that LOTUS have just introduced an upgrade to their 120 to 135 with some performance enhancing mods which I believe to be ECU and an exhaust. Don't quote the actual method as I need to check, all I remember is that it is done as an after market mod as Powetrain were not building the unit as yet in 135 guise!

Obviously, since Lotus started dvelopment things must have changed or are MG-Rover doing the same?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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