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The ZS180 gets off to a flying start with the smooth torquey power delivery of the 2.5 ltr V6,it growls away beneath the bonnet and puts you in the right sort of mood. :D
sitting a little bit lower the lack of full steering adjustment isn't quite so noticable,my knee's aren't rammed up into the steering wheel and the peddles are in the right places so theres less distraction and i can really begin to enjoy this car.
For a front wheel drive its about the best handling ive experianced, they have really got the balence between front and rear right, the rear prehaps helped by the big wing doesn't step out of line if you turn in on a trailing throttle.
And the traction is also excellent,so down a gear,turn,find the apex,squeeze in the sits very flat on the road,it doesn't feel too harshly sprung,THIS IS SORTED, 'Q' baba o'riley
well who would have thought the rover 45 could be so transformed,this MG ZS is really most impressive on the track

watching that again puts me in the right sort of mood for the track day at hullavington:D


Whose report is that, sounds as though you may have a great trackday tool? :D A most definite "Q" car! Well Done - let us know how you get on at Hullavington! Won't you?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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