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Evening all,
I have decided to turn my supercharged 180 into more of a track based beasty. I have Oulton park booked for the 4th November but knowing my luck it will probably be 2ft under snow!
Anyway i was planning to keep an update as i go along with issues problems and progress for those that are interested that is!
Not 100% if it will be balls out gut and lighten or track but street usable, just depends how hooked i get but i don't have anyway at the moment to transport the car without driving it.


I new the brakes were on the way out but upon removing the wheels i discovered the front discs were gone and the rear pads fell out as it appears they were no longer attached to there mounting plates ******! so i stripped off everything front and rear, drained the brake fluid and installed the goodridge lines i had already purchased

I picked up a set of brembo 4 pots a few weeks ago but with Oulton a few weeks away an email to Rob on Rovertech and i had the brembodge kit on order. (ANYONE FITTED ONE OF THESE TO A ZS?)

for the rears i spoke to Peter AKA car13 from Vulcan racing, top man and within a few emails i had the rears / brake fluid and yellow pads sorted all round. THEY ARRIVED TODAY! superb service!!!!!!

I hope to get them all on and setup in a couple of weeks.

the wolfrace wheels have been powder coated satin black, i have some 18" rims to go on but no tyres at the moment.

Today i sorted some rear strut braces and just about every poly bush for the chassis along with a motobuild lower engine stay.

Loads more will be done over the next 4 months these include:

Gaz Suspension
all the arms will be replaced with adjustable items
all the suspension will be stripped and power coated

Engine / box is to be removed and the box will be rebuilt with LSD, steel bearing, lightened fly wheel and new clutch.

Engine will be stripped / checked fitted with new belts, new supercharger bearings, better oiling system for the charger thx to Gary and given a full paint and tartup.

same for the engine bay as i can't stand the way it looks at the moment.

Thx for everyones help so far and can't wait to get to Oulton, its the first time i will have done it in a car.


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Glad to help Paul, your love oulton park great circuit may pop down as not far from me and say hello.
No worries Peter would be good to share a coffee and chat especially if it's under snow :))))

I have done the full circuit a few times on my bikes and it has to be one of my favourite circuits, don't think I will be struggling to keep the front end down onto the start finish thou!

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