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This Is now sold pending payment


MG ZS MK2 1.6 110 5-Door Hatchback
Ignition Blue
54500 on the clock
17" alloys - all tyres good
Alpine CD/MP3 stereo incl bluetooth handsfree installed
Interior excellent - front is matrix seats, rear is blue Monaco. Haven't got round to fitting the front seat covers :)
TAXED until JUNE 2011
MOT until JAN/FEB 2011 (sorry not sure which month without finding the doc!)

Overall very good condition. Stone chips on the bonnet, general wear and tear really. Some dings but not really noticeable unless you're looking for them. Scuff on side bumper from a kind person in a car park a few months ago. Alloys are ok, but most have some curbing on. Not that noticeable, I mean it doesn't hit you in the face! Tried to photo the worst scratches.

I have polished, waxed and cleaned this car every 2 weeks. I'm a car detailer so really have gone to town on her.

Just had inlet manifold gasket replaced, so this is now done! No water leaks or coolant issues. Uses no oil. Lovely smooth drive (Especially with Shell V-Power fuel!). For a 1.6, it really pulls well.

Everything works well, drives lovely. Only thing to mention is 4th gear, sticking a bit to go in, had it checked out and was told that I could either send gearbox away to be looked at, or live with it. As i said, its fine driving. Just needs a bit more of a tug, but its NOT A MAJOR problem! And more to the point, this issue hasn't got ANY worse for 2 months. Plenty of life left in this girl. The latch on the passenger side door sticks a bit, and you have to give it a slam to close it. But it locks fine. Again its something that doesn't affect anything so haven't bothered to get it fixed.

Overall - EXCELLENT. The best colour IMO for the Mk2 :D
Will be FULLY detailed before sale, interior and exterior!

£3000 please let me know if you are interested. The car is available to view in Wolverhampton

MOT'd until Feb '11

Lots of interest in this car, people coming up to see it, so be quick if you want in!

Lighten up dude
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Car looks excellent in the picture - well looked after and you have been very honest in the description. I agree the colour is great and not too common (erm like silver). Sure you'll get a buyer if you keep plugging away.


R.I.P [The Red Zed] MG ZS 180
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Good luck in the sale:yup:

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hi mate,

been looking for one for a while..

am interested in the car.. have u got a contact number for me to get hold of you?

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