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I'm having a problem with my ZS 120 and was wondering if anyone had any insight into what could be causing the issue.

The car has always had a slightly uneven idle, 4 months ago the inlet manifold (one of the take offs had snapped) and gasket were replaced in an effort to cure it to no avail. In addition, plugs were swapped and a known good coil pack was tested, however the uneven idle remained. For the past month or so, the car has had a very uneven idle, with a strange ticking every second or so from cold which remains until the car is switched off and started again a couple of times.

Pulling away from cold causes the car to violently judder and will continue doing so until 3rd or 4th gear, but will still feel very rough. Allowing the car to warm up reduces the shuddering by about 50%. If I attempt to accelerate through the juddering, the engine warning light flashes. A friend with a fault code reader was kind enough to give me a list of the fault codes (cleared first, then driven, then checked again) and the "component figures".

The car seemed to use more water than I'd expect, not using it for a month or so it hasn't used any. The oil is roughly 8-9 months old and has no "mayo" visible. The coolant is reasonably murky with a few deposits.

Fault codes:

1300 - Misfire causing catalytic converter damage
1316 - Misfire causing excess emissions
1303 - Misfire detected Cylinder 3

Components (at idle):

RPM - 795rpm -866rpm
Volts - 14.0v
MAP - 32.7KPA - 36.8KPA
Coolant temp - 93c
IAT - 34c
Oil temp - 79c
Throttle Position - 0.7v
Stepper - 23 positions
Injector Pulse cylinder 1 - 2.95ms - 5.05ms
Injector Pulse cylinder 2 - 2.59ms - 5.50ms
Injector Pulse cylinder 3 - 3.10ms - 5.08ms
Injector Pulse cylinder 4 - 3.06ms - 5.17ms
o2 Bank 1 - 0.05v - 0.81v
o2 Bank 2 - 0.75v - 0.76v
Coil 1 charge - 3.01ms - 3.10ms
Coil 2 charge - 3.01ms - 3.08ms
Purge duty cycle - 7%
Misfire Cylinder 1 - 7-10%
Misfire Cylinder 2 - 0%
Misfire Cylinder 3 - Intermittant 0%-30%
Misfire Cylinder 4 - 0%

I've avoided using the car since this has been happening to avoid potential damage. As most of the garages around here are untrustworthy and tend to believe flat tyres are symptomatic of head gasket failure on Rovers, I though I'd canvas opinion here first!

Any help would be appreciated.
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