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Incl part numbers if possible here so people can have it as a quick reference guide

Might be a useful "Go To" guide as I often find it a pain trying to remember the part numbers and codes of different items when I need them....

I actually found that Andy @ Howards Garages 01934 410965 was really helpful CHEAPEST BY FAR! Never had any postage issues with them either

Genuine air filter (std box units) - PHE105590 £21.83 incl VAT - cheaper on eBay

Genuine Pollen filter - JKR100020 or JKR100021 £25.97 incl VAT - cheaper on eBay

Genuine Oil Filter - LPW100161 £10.30 incl VAT - cheaper on eBay

Genuine Fuel Filter - WJN101191 £17.52 incl VAT - cheaper on eBay

NGK Iridium IX spark plugs?? - BKR6EIX-11, stock code 3764, (replace std items of PFR6N-11, stock code 3546) you will need 6 of these!

I've kinda used the above as a guide but - if anyone else has any other opinions I would definately listen to them and discuss below

I will update the list above once I have part numbers and "varients"
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