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Hi folks,

could do with a little help. Had to bleed my clutch today, hadn't noticed that the fluid was going down so ended up being full of air, etc. anyway, go it sorted, biggest issue was loosening the bleed nipple.

But while under the bonnet I noticed something not right, the flexible rubber "hose" that connects the air cleaner box to the throttle body was a bit of a mess, it looks too big for the connectors and the jubilee clips . . . resulting is a loose an messy connection.

So I took it off and noticed that the outlet spigot from the air cleaner box had a nice dent in it deforming it inwards, and the rubber hose was damaged at both ends.

I also noticed the pipe that is meant to connect the air cleaner box to the resonator box behind the bumper was missing.

Long and short of it I need to replace these parts, so the connector from the resonator, the air cleaner box and the rubber connector.

If anyone has this lot for sale, please, please let me know. Alternatively if you know the part numbers please post them here . . . Rimmers used to be great for part numbers, now if it's NLA they aren't showing them PITA !

All help/advice greatly accepted.

Reason I hadn't noticed before, only had the car for 2 years and not done anything in that area except slap in a new filter.
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