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Am looking at getting one of these two. Test drove the CTR today but still gotta wait a while before my local MG dealer gets a 160 in for me to drive. Wondering if anyone else on here was interested in both and what swayed them in the end? My views so far:

1. Power - VTEC 2 litre gives another 40bhp.
2. 6speed gearbox - looks gimmicky but is smooth as a babys arse and is in a great position for quick and comfortable shifts.
3. Recaros - really comfortable and really stop u sliding.
4. Steering - very sturdy and loads of feedback.
5. Japanese Reliability.
6. Seems to be less common than 160.

1. Higher Ins
2. No a/c as standard (£1,300 upgrade).
3. About a grand more than the ZR160 inc metallic paint.
4. Ins is another £130 over the 160.
5. Ugliness of front of car - looks too much like a family car.
6. Every other car is silver/black/red - no other colours.
7. Small interior.

1. Trophy Blue looks the dogs danglies.
2. Entire style of the car is more appealing - more boy racer than tescos shopper.
3. a/c as standard
4. Cheaper to buy and insure.
5. 5 doors more practical
6. 0% finance on offer (I think - see other thread).

1. Rattles
2. Less power.
3. Not sure about MG/Rover reliability
4. Dealers dont seem that helpful - cant even sort me a test drive.
5. No passenger airbag as standard?

Obviously I cant decide until I actually test drive the 160 but whilst waiting I wouldnt mind some feedback.


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Depends what you're after mate. If all you want is something to get you to the mile a minute mark fastest then the CTR is the one.

I've no experience of the CTR at all so I'm not in best person to pass comment but from my own personal experience would say the following:-

(1) I find ZR seats really comfortable and hold you in place well. I go thrashing around the Yorkshire Dales with the NMGO crew so have been subjected to sudden variations in velocity and have never felt in danger of leaving my position!

(2) ZRs not all that common. Admittedly more so than CTR (around Preston anyway) but I'll be lucky to see 2 others in an average day.

(3) Honda gave the stylists the day off when designing the CTR. I think it's as ugly as hell. Whereas immediately I first clapped eyes on the ZR I fell in love with it.

(4) To some (myself included) buying a marque with such a prestigious history feels good. Telling your mates in the pub you have an MG is something to shout about...telling them you have a Honda will be met with "so do I" etc.

(5) Trophy Blue is sweet (I got one!)

(6) MGR dealers traditionally a little suspect but fast improving. The distribution of spare parts and accessories is also a major concern at the moment but again this is starting to improve.

(7) Dunno about available mods for CTR but as more and more companies are realing the "boy racing" potential of the ZR, mods are being rolled out.

(8) Buy British! We don't have much left to be proud of and whilst there may be teething troubles, MGR have reinvented themselves as a serious marque to be proud of once again.

(9) Think you summarised it perfectly...more boy racer than tescos shopper!

BTW, I have no affiliation with either Honda or MGR. The above represents a collection of my own personal thoughts.

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The CTR is an awesome piece of kit and I am taking one out on a test drive next week - at present I have a ZR160. As you say ZRs are more common but not 160s. I bought a Zr because it was the only hatch which looked like a hatch and not a van also I feel I have a personal duty to support my own people - call me old fashioned. As for MG dealers - I had 3 test drives in a ZR160. The dealer I bought from kept pleading with me to go and have a drive. After sales could be better - but all garages/dealers for all brands are like this, I don't have faith in any. When I went to look at the CTR my Girlfriend and I had just walked into the showroom and just started looking at the CTR when the salesman approached us - of course we said we were just looking and for him to come back in minute. He said 'are you just looking as in if you won the lottery you would buy one' - WHAT!!! I wanted to say was **** you this ain't the Ferrari dealer(funny thing is the place where I bought the ZR form did sell Ferrari aswell). But I kept calm and thought it would be better to make him do his job. Now I'm known by my friends as a walking car mag - I remmember all types of facts and figures about cars so when he came back I just blasted him with questions and gave him alot of the answers myself - explained to him how turbos worked(so many dealers don't have a clue), talked about variable valve timing and lift, cam durations etc. Having established that I had some idea of what I was doing, he ran off trying to find out when they would have a demonstrator in for me to test drive. Amazing how he changed his first impressions. There was a thread on about pre-judgemental dealers - some of these guys really do have ideas above their station.
Rant over.

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If you think the ZR160 is common, you want to try living in Swindon. There are 3 CTRs in our road alone (and that's just the ones I know of!)

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Almost bought a CTR, girlfriend pursuaded me otherwise, she perferred the MGZR160, so did i once i had test drove it. Handling and steering is so sharp, and feeds back to you extremely well, much better than the CTR.

No doubting the CTR is quicker, especially in a straight line, and the japs have reliability second to none, however stand the cars next to each other and stare, I guarantee the MG just keeps glaring at you with those evil lights, much more appealing i'm afraid.

Reliability wise, i have had no problems with my ZR, touch wood !. With the extra money saved, i plumped for all the extras, and still have change for a 50bhp shot of NOS, did anyone say 197 BHP ?? maybe 200+ club is within reach, and all for the same price !
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