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I have been a proud owner of a trophy blue ZR 160 since September. The stunning, head turning looks and the impressive handling and performance are starting to be overshadowed by a few- at the moment- minor problems.
To date, I have had both rear light units replaced because of water leaking into the lenses, the plastic coating covering the drivers door pillar has bubbled and been replaced and now the paint coating of the metal end brackets on both ends of the cars side skirts ( in the wheel arches ) have peeled, exposing large areas of ugly, rusty metal that stand out like 'blind cobblers thumbs'.
I have to say that my local dealer has been very helpful in rectifying these problems. Iwould be interested in knowing if any other owners have experienced the same.
This is the first British car that I have owned in the last 20 years. My car is only just over 4 months old with 3.500 miles on the clock. Am I experiencing the 'typical' British build quality that the industry has been famous for over the years, or are these just teething problems ???

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No real problems with either my ZS or my wifes ZR apart from a rattle from the ZR. I suspect that it may be assosiated with the dealer fitted stereo. Should be sorted this week.
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