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There we go, my Zed is sold, gone, never to be seen again! Well, hopefully it will be, on here!
Been looking around for a new car for a while now, guess I just fancied a change! So, after months of trawling the internet, checking out a whole load of different cars ranging from turbo Vectras to Fiesta STs... I've settled with a 2006 Mazda3 2.0l sport, and my it's brilliant!
Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved the ZS! It was such a great car to own and drive... Apart from when the washer bottle and pump broke... Or when it broke down and needed a new coil pack in the engine... Or when the rear door handle came off in my hand... Or whenever it rained and the boot and drivers foot well became swimming pools... And there was that incessant rattle from the drivers door?.............. Oh............ And the fact that the clock didn't work and the SRS light came on depending how far forward the seat was... But apart from that (forgot to mention that the rear passenger window kept opening itself) it's been great! Seriously, for all it's vices, it was a great car, and I look forward to seeing how you guys and girls get on over the coming months and years!


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