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Just like the demonstrator that my local dealer had. Drove like a bat out of h**l.

Lovely colour - looks great in Yellow.


Looks v.nice - if you have any more will place the first ZS in Yellow on the main site!

John - Kernahans had a yellow demo too!

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I have a few more pictures at work, I shall send them to you if you like? I do like all the colours . . . Yellow is so hard to keep clean, still I think I have a cleaning fetish anyway?



I dolike the look of the motah! Kernahan (local dealer), blacked the windows on their early demo vehicles - looked good!

Just look at the range of colours now available under Monogram:

Monogram Chromactive

Spectre - a lighter alternative to Typhoon with lilac, blue and grey travel
Typhoon - a dramatic blue with green/purple travel – used on MG ZT XPower

Monogram Chromescent
Glacier - practically a pearlescent white with silver facets
Mirage - pearlescent silver with gold layers and a cool pale blue aspect
Gulf Stream - ‘Magic Green’, that flips from pearlescent olive to grey-blue

Monogram Super Metallics
Celestial sm - a bright light blue
Chatsworth sm - an elegant ‘antique’ bronze-green
Lagoon sm - a bold turquoise
Nocturne sm - a greyed off mid-dark blue
Sunspot sm - a warm pearlescent yellow with deep ochre and light citrus effects

Monogram Micatallics
Jubilee mi - a bronze gold
Orange Grove mi - an intense orange
Saffron mi - a shimmering coppery-gold
Bacchus mi - a rich iridescent wine red
Biomorphic mi - a strong mid green
Chagall mi - a strong mid blue
Garnet mi - a rich glowing red
Nightshade mi - a lustrous black with blue highlights
Spice mi - a rich deep brown

Monogram Super Pearlescents
Black Olive sp - a luxuriant dark green with movement to black

Key: sm = super metallic, mi = micatallic, sp = super pearlescent
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