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Oh its been ages since I last posted, tough times but getting there!

Its time this was found a new home. Its our works team issue 3m x 3m x 3m MG XPOWER Hexagonal Service Marquee. Its fully functioning, last see out in action on Rallye Sunseeker 2012!

This is one of the 3 made exclusively for MG Sport & Racing. Its the big jobbie being a hex unit custom made by Mini Marquees. Includes canopy in grey/green with Xpower branding. There are 3 detachable sides included in matching trim.

Frame is perfect, feet all good. Canopy could do with a clean up, fairy liquid and scrubbing brush or use Swafega (its amazing on material!) there are some scuff marks on corners of the canopy but no burn holes or rips. Ours was one with the special re-inforced canopy pockets after the S1600 really team had theirs rip off on Acropolis Rally!

There is a carry bag, this is getting a bit worn but still servicable. There are also weight plates with quick release fastenings to attach to feet.

Can be collected or delivered (at extra cost)

I am going to offer it to XPF first, in 7 days (18/03/12) it will go on Ebay.

To XPF or a member £650, worth letting you know MGR paid in excess of £5k each for these, the canopy materials were expensive!

These are pro spec units not the joke things DIY stores sell. Should you be daft enough to damage the frame, parts are available from the top guys at Mini Marquees.
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