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MG Rover Group today confirms that it has signed a business and marketing partnership with Caterham Cars, the specialist British sportscar manufacturer.

The agreement includes an exclusive contract for Powertrain Ltd, its engine and gearbox subsidiary, to supply all power unit requirements for Caterham Cars. Additionally, Caterham will also be able to access MG Rover's powertrain technology and benefits related to the investment in K-series engines.

Commenting on the award of this contract, Gordon Poynter, commercial director, Powertrain Ltd, said: "Caterham has been using K-series for over 10 years in extreme performance conditions. We are delighted that as a result of proven reliability, technology and cost, they have decided to appoint us as their exclusive supplier."

However, this ground-breaking partnership is much greater than the supply of powertrain and technology. The arrangement also allows Caterham to use MG Rover's XPOWER branding on its racing and high performance road cars. Speaking at a joint press conference, John Sanders, group marketing director, MG Rover Group said: "Our contract as the exclusive powertrain supplier to Caterham opens up the potential for a much deeper relationship. Fundamentally, we are both in the racing business and our products share the same engines. We can therefore both exploit the strength of the XPOWER brand to our mutual benefit. This is going to be a true partnership and we will work hard on initiatives that benefit us both."

This is what - Pistonheads say:

New partnership announced by MG X Power and Caterham

In Longbridge today, MG X Power and Caterham Cars announced a new business and marketing partnership that will see a much closer alliance between the two companies.

Powertrain Ltd - the engine and gearbox subsidiary of MG Rover Group - will supply all engines for the Caterham range. Caterham will also be granted exclusive access to the research and development groups which should breed some exciting products in the years to come.

On a commercial level Caterham will also be carrying X Power branding on their cars and the two companies will share marketing efforts at motorsport and motoring events.

Caterham are also intending to simplify their product range with just four basic models - the Classic, the Roadshport, the SV and the Superlight. Engines will be available in 140bhp, 160bhp, 200bhp and 230bhp forms.

New for 2002 will be the Superlight R300 with 300bhp per tonne. R400 and R500 models will also be available with 200bhp and 230bhp extracted from the 1.8 litre K series.

The alliance will no doubt serve both parties well with Caterham benefiting from the greater marketing clout of MG Rover, whilst MG will further polish its image as a sporty, exciting brand attracting a younger audience than in previous years. Sound sense from two all British companies.

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