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X80 re-design

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Seems the X80 is undergoing a few nips and tucks C/O Mr Stevens at Longbridge. Forget the launch pics for now.
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Just pondering the reasons behind the new f becoming the 'TF'. You think that the X80 will have a similar name, or use some pattern of letter coding that the 'TF' will fit into as well?
They are trying to pull away from the *** days and putting their own identity into the cars.
The problem was that the car they showed was quite different to the original concept drawings they did.

The main gripe was the front end with the grill being to high.

Although look at the front end on the TF which I think looks mighty fine.
Just replicate the TF front end onto the X80.
Think that they are wanting everything perfect before launch.
Releasing a car too soon is hopefully a thing of the past.
Just another picture I've knocked-up.
See how much better this looks.

Compared to this.

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An improvement. What would a more traditional look do for it?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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