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See this weeks Autosport on the subject. Dave Price Racing is to develop a car that mybe a "GT" machine. He says, " that until we make it nothing is definite".

The race car would be based on a high-spec version of the X80, dubbed the Club Sport. It looks certain to use a push-rod Ford V8 (not the current ZT/X80 motor).

The GT racer marks a shift in philosophy at MG. It now wants to compete with cars it sells rather than a purpose built racer such as the EX257.

Has worked well for Porsche. - Ed.

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Dave Price

Highly respected this guy. It was he who did all the donkey work on the SD1 originally, then TWR took over the project.

Master minded Mercedes victory at Le Mans in 1989. Later involved and entered Guld MaClarens in the BPR Champs. Lately involved with Panoz.

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