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Went to Brooklands today with the BRM owners club.
Great day out, great weather, but i was disappointed to find that although the full range of Z saloons were there (all in trophy blue),there was no-one actually promoting them!
Also, there was an X-Power stand with a (static) BTCC ZS and a works ZR rally car inviting punters to have a ride in one of two other ZR rally cars. Great stuff, but again there was no active promotion of the MG/X-Power brands beyond scaring people with various sideways antics! What a wasted opportunity,there was no stand there flogging anything to do with the marque and it seems no-one from the company can be arsed to try to persuade potential buyers to take any interest in what is a great product!
I know it wasn't exactly a full on car show or race/rally meet but i'd have thought there'd be at least SOME representation from MGR!!!

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Good point!


Excellent point. I work for the company that prepared and supplied those cars to the event. Our involvement was purely to supply the vehicles, however as it ends there we're not responsible for promotion etc (although we do what we can!)

Wth your permission I'll pass your comments onto senior management at MGR on Monday - so watch this space!


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Attn of MG Addict!

OT - but could you possibly take/send pictures of the product in the complete colour range to me? If you take a peak at the main site - I do not have the full colour range displayed. :(

On Topic - shame MGR missed the opportunity to sell the product. Although maybe economies of scale are not large enough. I have had the XPower product on the main site at a reasonable cost (cheapest seen) for a few weeks now and with little success to date! :(
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