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IvanTate said:
Came to work in the car!
Now't wrong with going to work in the car. I've been tooling up and down the A444 to work all summer on mine (on route to MIRA on the A5) and it's been a blast. My VFR is now tucked up in the garage ready for any bright dry days between now and the new season. The A444 get's a bit hairy in the autumn/winter months as there are a lot of tractors running up and down and some of the bends at the bottom near the A5 don't dry out very well. My car was slipping about last week so I decided that the season may have come to an end.

I run Bridgestone BT 020's on my bike as I like the touring capability of them and they last a good long while. I get lots of grip for them considering they're not sports tyres and because they retain their heat in bad weather compared to sports tyres they hang on really well in poor/wet conditions.

I did a training day earlier this year and the CBR600 (which I wasn't that impressed with power wise, handling yes, power no) had a set of Avon Viper Supersports on and the grip when they were up to temp was fantastic. They're like glue and they're very responsive and give a lot of feel especially at the front end. They dug in really well around the tighter corners much to my amazement. They're a good choice of tyre Mr Ivan and I'm usually a Bridgestone man for bikes. Contis for cars, B'stones for bikes, neither have let me down yes touch wood.

Can't wait for the summer months to pull back again unless the call of the road drags me out over the winter salt, or no salt!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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