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William and Gareth

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Did the best guy win? All those votes - probably more voted for "Pop Idols" than voted the last labour party in?
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Did the best two even make it to the final???
my mrs reckons the fat bloke was given a "pay off" to suddenly develop a sore throat and make way for darius.haven't heard about him since and he was favourite to win.
Rik Waller

Rik, the bloke with the fantastic voice, has actually signed a £400,000 record deal with EMI apparantly.

The whole theory behind pop idol was that only one person would be managed and get a deal and everything.

How then have both the finalists been awarded contracts which will make them both millionaires before the year is out?

Mind you, nothing against either of them. Or any of the final ten, in fact. They all have great voices, and I wish them well! Just wished I could sing..... actually what was that address, I might sign up for Pop Idol 2 next year.... lmao yeah right no chance!
I too had thought about signing up for the next series.

Unfortunately my best singing is done in the bath.

The thought of the pictures is just too horific to contemplate, probably wont bother after all.

:D :D :D :D
Well the records are due out soon. Will it be a repeat of Hear'Say - all the hype, a number 1, then .......................
I cannot believe this thread!

May I recommend you all listen to any Steely Dan album, (Pref. Aja, 1977) then sit smug and aloof over cretinous theatrics such as this. :eek:
now your talking ! pretzil logic is my favourite.i have a documentary somewhere of the making of the Aja album,them two were a pair of perfectionists.
when we were growing up we had bands that inspired us,what do kids have today-steps,hearsay & Will :O(
Do the youth of today understand anything of musical skill.

Mention the fact that Jack Bruce was a classically trained cello player or that Ritchie Blackmore was influenced by Bach and they will not have a clue.

I like some of the chart music of today - reminds me of the 70s when the songs came out for the first, and in my opinion, best release.
KEV!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a guy you are, ZS180 AND you like the Dan!!
Do you have Fagens albums, Nightfly and Kamikiriad? Quality will out!

Top Dan trax (For me)

1 Do it again
2 Deacon Blues
3 Hey Nineteen
4 Peg
5 Haitian Divorce

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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