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At the moment i'm replacing a few things on my MG Montego Turbo and here is the story of a bad day yesterday leading to a new windscreen needed.
The car is near done and all I needed to do was replace the fluids and start the car up but............
Well everything WAS running smoothly but yesterday was ONE of those days.
Pushed off the 2 gromits that hold the plastic driveshaft protecter plate and one went between the gearbox mounting and crossmember. Despite 20 minutes of looking I never saw it again. What joy.
No problem filling the gearbox with oil.
Connected the battery and the immobiliser kicked in, fob wouldn't turn it off so I thought i'd reset it.
Closed the doors and bonnet, still wouldn't turn off so tried to open the bonnet and the cable snapped. Deep joy now.
Looking at the bonnet lock mechanism I dropped my torch between the radiator and intercooler, took me 10 minutes to get that out. More joy.
Finally managed to open the bonnet with a bit of help, ta Mal and Andy for the tips and lucky that the grill wasn't on.
Finally sorted the immobiliser by putting a new battery in the fob so the car now turns over.
Nearly started but wouldn't start. Plenty of spark but not enough petrol in the tank. When I started this in October there was nearly a quarter of a tank in it, now the gauge reads nothing and low fuel light is on. Oh the joys of motoring.
Had a break for lunch and a cup of tea hoping for a better afternoon, well the 'luck' continued.
Filled up 2 petrol cans £14................£14 for 2 gallons of petrol, great.
Put the petrol in and ......................nothing still no petrol getting to the bores.
The float must be stuck on my carb as there is petrol getting in but none getting to the bores so I took the carb off...............again.
I had moved my grill to the side of the car and as I walked round the side of it I trod on my grill.............................breaking it.
After a few swear words I called it a day as nothing had been going right.
Took off my overalls and got to my boots, undid them and one of the laces snapped............... wonderful
Then got in my MGZSD, going up the road and a bus threw a stone..................right in the middle of my windscreen, so I now need a new windscreen..........well i'd had enough of the day by then.
I ended up in the pub had a few pints of cider to cheer myself up as i've never had a day like that where absolutely nothing goes right as yesterday I only managed to put oil in the gearbox and that took ALLDAY.
Now I just have to replace the windscreen on my ZS, sort the carb and get a bonnet release cable. Ho hum

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What a day, not funny when everything you touch goes wrong.

Read somewhere else that they had to put £30 worth of fuel in after running out, need it to get the pump working, they reckon.

Hope the next session goes better.


No longer a Rover / MG owner.
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Maybe you should buy a lottery ticket, as you must be owed some good luck by now!!:)

I reckon you should have stayed in bed all day instead.:err:
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