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Who R All The Scottish Members

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So... having lived in Dungdee for 6 months now.. my knowledge of the area is still crap. Went to the wrong cp after the Kingsway, so went off back home :( *sigh*
520SR said:
Aye a typical northerner! Keeps his money in his pocket in the pub, so they can afford flash cars when no driving 1970's Massey's. :lol:

Bonnier sheep up here than the Sengas in Weegie land.
LoL I'll have ye know it is an International on our farm, tho I have driven my fair share of fergies :D

My first girlfriend in High School was called Senga :googoo
Me as well,I was also at the Dundee meet but had to go collect the wife!!!!!!!

Up for the Glasgow meet being mentioned by BIG KEV
I'm new................
EDINBURGH the Capital....

03 XPG ZS180
Welcome RD350YPVS!! :beerchug

Some user name!?!?
Obviously named after my other pride & joy!!
21 - 30 of 30 Posts
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