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Who R All The Scottish Members

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I'm in exile ... stuck down here with all those sassenachs :cry: ;)
Will be up in Glasgow wed, thur, fri, of this week :beerchug
520SR said:
God is there nothing but Weegies! :cry: :lol:
Fit Like ya soft southerner? Am frae Wick, aye a dirty weeker
520SR said:
Aye a typical northerner! Keeps his money in his pocket in the pub, so they can afford flash cars when no driving 1970's Massey's. :lol:

Bonnier sheep up here than the Sengas in Weegie land.
LoL I'll have ye know it is an International on our farm, tho I have driven my fair share of fergies :D

My first girlfriend in High School was called Senga :googoo
1 - 3 of 30 Posts
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