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Who are the long termers?

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Not been on here for a while (FB seems to have taken over!)
Any of the old members still about?
Had my ZS 13 years plus a month or two and still love it to bits!
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No MG's and no British cars at the moment. Thinking of a genuine Triumph TR8. Then I pinch myself.

Still here just.
Defo the long termer.

Saw Rob Jones and John Egan a couple of weeks ago at Silverstone WEC.

Talked about you Simon...
100,000 impressive. Where are the others?
i have been on here for 10 years, diff user now though.
Had my ZS180 for 13 years 4 months and done over 220,000 miles
220,000 miles - an impressive figure by any car makers standard.
Similar to forums but can't just link to the old questions again or a sticky setup for those people!

Drew & Sneekyparrot
I agree, but its no worse than Facebook. Which I don't actually use these days
Don't think I'll be here again, all the treads in this sub forum are about a saloon or hatch car but is now named after a new car from China!
Talkingcars, the admin has fixed the situation. Yes, that would have been a mistake if it stayed that way.

Nothing to touch the BTCC winning ZS.
1 - 6 of 77 Posts
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