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Who are the long termers?

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Not been on here for a while (FB seems to have taken over!)
Any of the old members still about?
Had my ZS 13 years plus a month or two and still love it to bits!
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I joined in December 2003, just after I got my maestro, still got it but it's been off the road since the end of Dec 07.

We still have 3 other MGs on the road and in regular use, ZS, ZR and F, and another F that is having a quick restro.

FB drives me nuts - full of mis-information.
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Welcome back to the British Isles Col.

If you are patient nice ones come up regularly.

Don't think I'll be here again, all the treads in this sub forum are about a saloon or hatch car but is now named after a new car from China!
1 - 3 of 77 Posts
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