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Who are the long termers?

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Not been on here for a while (FB seems to have taken over!)
Any of the old members still about?
Had my ZS 13 years plus a month or two and still love it to bits!
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Been on here since 2003 originally, keep an eye on things but haven't posted much for some time.

I've had 5 Austin/Rover/MG Rover cars starting with the Montego 1.6L, then the Rover 214SLi and then my first ZS, a 120 which was stolen and stripped when it was a couple of months old. It was replaced with another ZS 120 which I had until I traded it in for the Mk II ZS 180 which I have until tomorrow (Wednesday) . . . .

I was involved in a slow speed accident on Saturday morning . . .

Then in the evening while parked outside the ZS was rear ended . . .

It's pretty much guaranteed to be a total loss. Can't really explain how upset I am about this . . . I've had this car from new and we have done over 138,000 miles together.

Can't really think clearly about what I would replace it with other than a Pearl Black Mk II ZS 180 . . .
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I guess with yours it will depend on the sub frame / chassis at the rear - if that's bent then (officially) repair will probably go beyond the value. I know its a torture but you could accept the cash, buy it back and make the repairs under your own steam. At least you would know who has driven it.

Best wishes

Thanks Paul.

I think it would be a big job to repair it, the rear "wings" have partially folded under, you can see the high spot in the photo, its the same on the other side.

I also have nowhere to put it if I did buy it back and I'm time poor at the moment, my brother suggested I buy it back and break it.

I have been collecting a few parts over the years, I have 2 new headlights, new air con compressor, various sets of suspension bolts for front and rear, spare set of refurbished bonnet latches, etc, etc. I had planned on keeping the car for some time. Last year it had new clutch, cam belts, water pump, thermostat housing, new plennun and set of coil packs, in addition to the usual service type stuff which included new MGR brake discs all round and MGR pads. Also had to replace the centre brake light and battery.

To add insult to injury . . . I had 2 Vredestein Quatrac 5 205/45 R17 88Y XL (AS) fitted on Saturday afternoon, I'd ordered them last week online - £195, they literally have half a mile on them.

I have found a 180 in silver with 62k miles not too far from me, I will probably go have a look on Saturday, at least I know what to look out for.
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I have found a 180 in silver with 62k miles not too far from me, I will probably go have a look on Saturday, at least I know what to look out for.
Was too late for the silver 180 . . . at the end of September 2016 I finally got a replacement car . . . it was Black, with a V6 engine, 54 plate, saloon, no extreme spoiler but it had a sunroof . . . oh yes, had an MG badge on the front and back. :lol: So it was almost the same as the written off car I had from new.

Will never be a replacement but it's close.

More recently it stopped on the way to work . . . Friday 13th of April as it happens, turns out the cam belt was a mess and there was engine damage, easiest and cheapest option was to find a replacement engine. Was just about to give up and one turned up, 62k miles . . . so now have my ZS back with an engine transplant with new belts, water pump, aux belt, new clutch kit, new discs and pads all round. Have also fitted a new OS mirror to replace the one that someone accidentally broke and forgot to tell me about.

All the work, 1st class work, was done by Andy at MG Prestige in Rugely.
1 - 3 of 77 Posts
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