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Who are the long termers?

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Not been on here for a while (FB seems to have taken over!)
Any of the old members still about?
Had my ZS 13 years plus a month or two and still love it to bits!
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I still check out the forum now and then. Been on here nearly 12 years which is the age of my zs. Very quiet on here these days.
Been here since day 1. Still driving MGs (TF and ZT currently).
10th anniversary coming up next month!
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still check in now and then - I still visit most of the forums now and then cos its easy to find stuff, it's really difficult to find stuff on facebook even after a few hours you see something and when you go look for it you cant find it.

my join date was 24-02-2002

I really should change my avatar and signature
I joined in December 2003, just after I got my maestro, still got it but it's been off the road since the end of Dec 07.

We still have 3 other MGs on the road and in regular use, ZS, ZR and F, and another F that is having a quick restro.

FB drives me nuts - full of mis-information.
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I still pop in now and then its a shame how its gone so quite on here it used to be great on here suppose facebook and the fact there are less zeds out there now is a factor
Been here very close to 11 years now. Pretty much all forums are very quiet or near dead now thanks to Facebook. Forums will remain a wealth of information though I think the Facebook use is somewhat short sighted in terms of looking after all the past knowledge.
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In early 2016 I will have owned my 180 mk1 saloon for 10 years.

Such a great car and having now discovered trackdays, I love it even more.
Hi all :wave: still have my mk1 after 8+ years and looking after the wakmobile aswell lol
Owned two 180,s was about to become a TF owner but the money went on a Cyprus holiday ,will try again next year !
I've been on here a few years now,not in an MG anymore though
I've not posted much here over the years but I check in regularly.

I've had the ZS over 10 years and it shares daily driver duties with my other car(s). Very much considering adding a ZT190 to the collection.
Only 4 years for me, but no longer have the ZS. Sold it 9 days ago, ending a near 31 years of BL/Austin Rover/Rover/MGRover cars (starting with 2 X Dolly Sprints and ending with the ZS 180).
Now driving a Mazda 3 MPS Aero. I'll still carry on checking in though, as my Son is keeping the flag flying with a MKII Firefrost MG ZR 120.
I'm still around with my ZTV8 :)
I´m not so long here as you pals, but I see this forum is not very active. I am here from 2009 and thanks for help you gave me here.
I'm still here but mainly a lurker. Still got the sunspot, still tearing my hair out because of it. Will do an update one day!
Not been on here for nearly as long as some of you guys (6 years nearly to the day!).

Is quiet on here these days, but the forums are much better than facebook if you need information. Is there any plan on what to do with the guides/sticky threads in case the powers that be ever decide to take the site offline?
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