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What's your Top 10 Movies of all time?

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My top ten - not in any order!

Top Gun
The Italian Job
Dr Strangelove
Saving Private Ryan
Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels
Le Mans
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i dont like top ten lists because i always forget other gems

get carter
easy rider
mad max II
animal house
once upon a time in the west
cross of iron
apocolps now
clockwork orange

oh.... i forgot zulu,the small world of sammy lee,taxi driver,deer hunter,alfie......
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My Top Ten,not necessarily in order:

1.ANY STAR TREK FILM(Kirk,best starship Captain ever!.)
2.BLAZING SADDLES(can we have some more Beans Mr Taggart!)
3.COMING TO AMERICA(i'm gonna tear you apart,and your friend too!)
4.STIR CRAZY(i'm gettin bad!,dont get bad gon'get f*****!)
5.SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER( i was there!)
6.ARMAGEDDON(i was'nt here though)
7.ANY CARRY ON FILM(ooooooooooooooh Matron!)
8.ANY LAUREL & HARDY FILM(these two were geniuses of comedy)
9.ANY NAKED GUN FILM(thats a nice Beaver!)

A lot of cheating there,who said anything about rules?.
And i will probably change my mind tomorrow!!.
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The Kevs - you both are cheating - 15 in the first reply + ??? in the second. But who mentioned rules!

As you say I loved "1944" which bombed at the box office + "Lost in Space". STOP - STOP, I'm an administrator and I don't cheat! :D :D
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Not in any order

The Battle of Britain
The Italian Job
The Pink Panther
The Fast Lady
Random Harvest
Somewhere in Time
James Bond....
Carry ons...
Laurel & Hardy...
Naked Gun...
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Not ten, but ones that I like

Bond (most, although not overly keen on OHMSS)
Early Carry On films (the later ones became very predictable)
Gone in 60 seconds
Von Ryans Express (memories of a holiday in Austria)
The 5 Pennies (early jazz cornet player Red Buttons)
Blazing Saddles
Top Ten Movies

Bit of a mixed bag really, not in order of preference but:

The Usual Suspects
Das Boot
Private Ryan
Brassed Off
The Insider
It's a Wonderful Life
The Italian Job
Get Carter
Fight Club

Fight club, only cos it got me with the twist. Weird other than that.
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Nice to see a lot of you like Bond.
Perhaps you should click my WWW button under this.
I'm surprises at the lack of car films. I would have thought that Bullitt and Ronin would have featured in at least half of the lists but only Jerry has mentioned them. :confused: Off the top of my head, I would probably add some of the following films to those two:

Thelma and Louise
Brassed off
12 angry men
La femme Nikita
The Rocky Horror Picture Show :D
Schindler's List
The Sting

... the list goes on but I had better stop there. :rolleyes: My top panned-by-the-critics film would have to be Hudson Hawk.

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