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It was sold at the SnR auction in 2006 I believe & I think the place that bought it was an exclusive car dealer, the same dealer that bought most of the last SV & SV-R cars & some of the other rare stuff.
Can't remember the name of the company but if one can find out the name of that dealer it would be a good start.
I did notice in the cafe at Gaydon a couple of weeks ago there was a photo and some text about it, maybe they know where it may be?

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Think these went to Oakfields, don't know from then on.

Seems a lot of those are now at Oakfields, inlcuding :-

MG ZT T Bonneville land speed car
MG ZT V8 Endurance Race Car
MG ZR Judd 2.0 Endurance Race Car
MG TF Bonneville land speed car 1997
and seven MG SV's
loads more it seems from the sell off too.
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