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If you drove Georges car you'll know what to expect.
In saying that, George has his filter sat behind the rad and it does suffer from heat soak.

His new induction kit allows the filter to sit lower in the car, heat soak will not be a problem, the main difference will be the torque, this will significantly increase through-out the range and as a result the engine will carry the peak power much further than OE.

The last rolling road shoot-out mine and Georges ZS’s produced the highest torque and peak power of the day, this proved that better airflow coupled with the right mapping will work very well. On the road this is significantly different, the rolling road will only imitate a road speed of approximately 50mph, the real world figures will be slightly higher due to higher air flow.
The first thing you will notice is how the engine will like to rev compared to the OE set-up, you will be able to hit the limiter in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th and 120mph will come up very quickly, 5th flat out is still to be done in my car but during a private test session on a track I managed a indicated 155mph and had to slow down due to,,,,,,,,, I know George has achieved this speed on many occasions (on the track).
In standard set-up I could hit the limiter in the first 4 gears but the car had stopped producing power well before this, I only managed a recorded 142mph and it took a long time to reach this speed.
Both me and George noticed the power comes in hard low down and is linear all the way to the limiter, the car will pull hard and then you will be reminded to change gear when the limiter kicks in, if the limiter was higher the car would defiantly pull it’s power above 7.5k unlike in OE set-up.
Over a short period the ECU will learn your driving characteristics and fully adjust so things only get better.

So in answer to your question?
0-60 will come down, I tried to time mine (on video) the best of the day was just a tad under 6 sec and the highest was 6.9 so the average will be some place between depending on ambient temps etc etc.

Strangely my MPG has increased, I put this down to the improved breathing, or I may be wrong and it could be the mileage on the engine, anyway, the car is very quick over standard and will take some beating on the real world race track.

Your set-up will be same as mine and Georges you will break the 200hp barrier.

TypeR shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

180 Boy
Does the mg ZS learn your driving and adjust the gear ratios for it? Does it always do this or just when bought new?
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