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morpheus said:
room for one more ?? anywhere i see a bikers section i get all giddy lol......

heres my baby....

stew im thinking of changing bike not 100% sure but would you be interested in the trick bits etc [double bubble screen,akrapovic exhaust,full set of crash bobbins engine,swing arm, front spindle and bar ends,gsxr heel plates] it just gives me an idea of what to let the bike go for leave bits on or not sure if i will change just wanna know if u would be interested at all....chhers...andy
andy not thought about mods yet to be honest but over 800 miles know so who knows let me know how much you want when you know what your doing

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Some lovely looking bikes there, I aint allowed bikes no more, trust me, its a good thing! :lol: :sad:

From the beginning:
Honda MT5
Yamaha DT125 (yes i took the restrictor out and turned the valve :roll: )
Kawa ZZR250 (lasted a week before it dropped a valve and went up in smoke in the bike shop fire :bh :bh :cry: )
Kawa GPZ 250 (sold to me brother, tidy little bike that one)
Suzi Bandit 600 (Naked version, not he namby pampy half faired one, monter wheelie machine :D )
Kawa ZX6R Ninja ( the love of my life, and the reason i aint allowed bikes no more, nasty accident and the poor girl ended up in a ditch never to roll a wheel again :cry: :cry: :cry: )

No pics im afraid, ride safe and chase the next bend !
41 - 43 of 43 Posts
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