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Some lovely looking bikes there, I aint allowed bikes no more, trust me, its a good thing! :lol: :sad:

From the beginning:
Honda MT5
Yamaha DT125 (yes i took the restrictor out and turned the valve :roll: )
Kawa ZZR250 (lasted a week before it dropped a valve and went up in smoke in the bike shop fire :bh :bh :cry: )
Kawa GPZ 250 (sold to me brother, tidy little bike that one)
Suzi Bandit 600 (Naked version, not he namby pampy half faired one, monter wheelie machine :D )
Kawa ZX6R Ninja ( the love of my life, and the reason i aint allowed bikes no more, nasty accident and the poor girl ended up in a ditch never to roll a wheel again :cry: :cry: :cry: )

No pics im afraid, ride safe and chase the next bend !
1 - 1 of 43 Posts
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