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Just looking into getting my lady a DAS course. The possible idea would be she has my CBR and i get a new blackbird. :roll:


She would have to pass first and she has very short legs, so maybe a Hornet or Bandit is better.

The scooter and clothing nargument is a great one.

A rode a scooter in France with a pair of shorts and lid only. ( always wear a lid )

But i have also riden my bike in t-shirt and shorts as it was just too hot to wear anything else, and i was just going a few miles. I did do something silly, had a very lucky near miss and after that set myself a limit of 30mph whilst riding wioth no kit on.

In England i WONT go proper riding without full kit.

I have been known to go to Pub for a bit of grub and a shandy !! in jeans with proper jacket, lid and gloves. ( always wear gloves - its the first part of your body to go down )

Most of the scooter lads round here are idiots and when they over / under take me on my bike is p***es me off, espcially if i am caught up behind something and the over take is not on / dangerous. I then feel its nessacery to take the p*** and upset them as much as possible by preventing them an overtake by accelerating a touch, especially when they are nearly flat out, a couple of blips tends to put them in their place.
1 - 5 of 43 Posts
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