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Yep thats right,

Had a Renault Megane Coupe buzzing round my rear today on a nice stretch of Dual Carriageway with lots of roundabouts :D and although he could not get right on my tail he was pretty close.

I would say he was more or less with me from 40 to about 90 then I could start to pull away, but traffic was not really permitting a clean getaway. Did manage to get clear but he was back again 20 seconds later as if I had not already made the point.

If he wasn't a complete Twat (sorry!) overtaking down the inside and cutting up some poor bugger in a Ford Ka he would not have got past.

Needless to say I did not give chase, no brainers like that ain't gonna live long enough to cause me to lose any sleep.

Next time I think I'll wave to him politely an decline, should know better really, but that V6 keeps egging me on
:D :D :D :D Mike
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