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Oh Bother

Well, it looks as though my laptop has been infected. Apologies if you have received emails from me - these obviously have been generated automatically.

Please note that Norton AntiVirus 2002 did not pick it before and after another sweep. I will download an update and see if it will find it this time. Just down loaded an update and still haven't found a "bug".

BTW: It looks as though as a new virus is doing the rounds - so be VERY careful before opening mails with attachments. Do you recognise the content or attachment? Ensure your Anti Virus software is up to date (not like mine - I thought it was....).

Finally: I will be staying off line until I find a problem.

Ninja - Scarlet Fever have already reported a problem, so I guess it's only a matter of time before many more people in my address book report the same problem (which software picked it up & what e-mail address sent it?????). Deepest apologies.

The Scarlet one returns...
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Cheers Jerry,

Fortunately i spotted it before i downloaded (nothing like a healthy sense of paranoia!):)

Sorry to hear that it is causing problems. :(

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Folks - the "Virus" is banished off my Desk Top. All down to my son who is constanntly down loading rubbish and songs galore. I think the laptop is clear - if you recieve any more VIRUSED mails - mail me ASAP.

Got a FIREWALL and Norton Anti-Virus running on the desk top.
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