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VW Phaeton?

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I see VeeDubya are to launch an all new car in a very upmarket niche, to be called the Phaeton. Looks for all the world like a stretched Passat to my eyes, but is bristling with goodies and new tech.
But it seems that the major mainstream makers can't seem to crack the large car market. Ford binned the Scorpio at the earliest opening, Peugeot have had the 605 and they still persist with the 607 - both proof that they can't build large cars as they have both belly flopped spectacularly, and Fiat have long given up in that segment.
Leave it to the 75. And as Audi have a presence in that sector and under the same umbrella, this move seems all the more curious. They might end up bidding against themselves for customers.
What do you think?
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:) Yes , I cannot think who would want to buy it, but then they area launching a slightly stretched Passat as a Skoda Superb, so perhaps there is more than one reason why FP had to move on. By the way the Skoda is a brilliant idea - it is superior to Passat in every way but actually is at worst the same price.:confused:
I noticed that, and I cant for the life of me understand what on earth is going on at VAG at the mo, with so much cross-marketing going on. The lines, once so distinct, are getting very fuzzy. Incidently. all the praise heaped on the Skoda's of today having all that feted VW quality will only backfire on them when the public realise the can have an identical car for hundreds less than the VeeDub.
BTW I notice that Skoda residuals are still catastrophic. It seems that all these improvements which are so heavily promoted still leave the S/H market cold.........
I still associate the name with the Dutton Kit Car from a few years ago. Why can't manufacturers come up with something new, or at least something which reflects the character of the car.
Just imagine ...........the VW boring, the Vauxhaul insipid................
Normallly i can give Fiat some credit for flair at times, but the Punto was the most apt name for my sister in laws 1.0 litre, PUNT being the operative part!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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