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Visito Centre Opened by the Princess Royal

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Visitor Centre Opened by the Princess Royal

Royal opening of visitor centre marks £8 million redevelopment of Longbridge into MG Rover headquarters

HRH The Princess Royal, 30 January, officially opened the newly refurbished visitor's centre and showroom at MG Rover Group. The Royal visit celebrates the completion of an £8 million redevelopment of the Longbridge manufacturing operations into the headquarters of MG Rover.
The building has had many uses since it was built in 1962. It has been a mini tractor showroom, a quality operations centre, a commercial vehicle showroom and a storage area. The multi-million pound investment at Longbridge has seen the building restored to its former glory.
Longbridge has been completely re-modelled with new lighting, flags, fencing and trees. Buildings have also been restored. There is now a new quality and analysis centre, test track, a new sales and marketing office complex and product development centre.
During the visit Her Royal Highness was presented with a bouquet by Verona Smith, receptionist at the new visitor centre, [she then took time to meet with members of the workforce, prior to officially unveiling a plaque to commemorate the event. She also visited the new quality and analysis centre.
John Towers, Chairman of MG Rover Group, hosted the visit. He said: "It is always an honour to have a member of the Royal family take the time to visit our company. We have made many significant achievements since May 2000, and the
transformation of this site from what was a factory site to an international headquarters is something we are extremely proud of. His Royal Highness, The Duke of Edinburgh was very impressed with the company when he visited last year - we are delighted that the Princess Royal agreed to officially open this important building."

For the Full report and other breaking stories - Click Here!
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Longbridge Visitor Centre

The following NEW information on the centre arrived yesterday!

Currently they have one of every model in a state of the art demonstration showroom.

Plus a rather interesting BTCC car in front of a video wall full of incredibly interesting footage!!

Old faithful and a rather fetching 40's MG Saloon both of which may have came from Warwick!

The future plan is to open the back half as a semi-heritage area with a merchandise concession of some kind.
Visitor Centre Update

Received this mail from someone on the inside at MGR referring to the Visitor Centre:

The visitor centre. Really to be honest it isnt an awe inspiring visitor experience..well not yet anyway.

The main reasons for the centre

A main visitor reception for business visitors to the site.

A model showroom to show our Dealerships the standards that they should aspire to in their showrooms.

A centre for our product so that employees and visitors do actually get a chance to see what the company produces. There are future plans which I cant go into here.

I really would suggest that it isnt currently worth anybodies while just turning up on spec.
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