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I have lots of old video cassettes I would like to part with but I do not want to throw them into landfill.
I still have a VHS player or two that I will continue to use as I have many old Dr Who & Laurel + Hardy tapes that were bought as gifts over the years & I won't part with those but the ones I am parting with are surplus to requirements.
They are all perfectly watchable & are in as good as a condition as you could expect & some have never been watched!!
I would rather give them away or recycle them but can't find any place local to me that recycles these.

A couple of items I would want to sell really here below as they may have some value _
I have a complete collectors set (at time of purchace) of James Bond Films in perfect order - I believe 18 tapes.
The complete set of Only Fools & Horses with a bonus tape = 30 tapes in as new condition & I know several of these were never used.This set cost over £300.
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