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T16 Turbo 2.5'' Downpipe £30:

Slight wear in flexi and unfortunately caught on a speedbump....

Damaged repairable MG ZR Driver side (Offside) Wing - Paint Code: LEF 'X-Power Grey' £20:

** The wing was unfotunately damaged in a minor bump on the OSF corner. This resulted in it being creased in two places as shown on images. Slight rust bubble on front corner and a little mark above the swage line/edge**

Damaged MG ZR Driver side (Offside) Headlamp £10:

**This was also damaged in the incident and has snapped two of the lugs off, as seen in pics. Maybe good for someone to strip internals maybe?**

MG ZR 105/120 'Janspeed' Mid section 2 1/4'' £30

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