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Just had an e-mail from a third party who has the following message. Personally, if you have the time and money it may be well spent. :)

U Drive Cars Ltd is now up and running and would like to offer the MLR BB readers the chance to do their own back to back comparison test between the Evo 7 RS Sprint and Subaru Impreza UK STi 7 (Prodrive style).

I am ex-TWR motor racing and have set up my one man company to get people into Track Day driving utilising my many years of race track experience.

Because it's a new company I would like to offer you al a reduced rate on any Intermediate Drive bookings make before the end of May 2002. You will also get the benefit of driving the cars whilst still new.

Dates available:
Wednesday, 17 April at Castle Combe (10 places available)
Saturday, 20 April at Binbrook Airfield, Lincs (10 places available)
Wednesday, 3 May at Castle Combe (10 places available)
Saturday, 8 June at Binbrook Airfield, Lincs (10 places available)

The day will consist of 2 runs in each car. The first will be 2/3 laps to familiarise yourself with the cars and track, then a second run of 5/6 laps to have a proper go at evaluating each car. You will get this in both cars.

There is an experienced Instructor in each all the time to help those that need it, with tuition or control! Both cars have roll cages, full harness belts, on board fire extinguishers and helments with intercoms.

Special price of £145.00 inc VAT per person. Standard price £175.00 inc VAT. Everything you need is included in the price - no hidden extras.
In-car Video footage is available to record your drive (at small additional cost).

To book, please respond via emai to [email protected] with your name and address or call the office on 01869 277112 quoting ref MLR offer. U- Drive Website

Go on, see which car is the winner for yourself.


Paul Davis
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