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mk1 bumper looks to be from a rover 45, painted in trophy yellow, paints peeledFoglights and brackets for a mk1, these have H11 bulbs, dont worry if you have H1 connectors on your car, i will supply you with the H11 plugs and a tail of wire so you can solder the new connectors on, the lamps themselfs will fit in a mk2, a zr, and i believe the zt/75
also included are the 3 bolts to bolt the foglamp to the bracket and 2 lower bolts for the bracket, top one is missing from each, all you need is the 2 bolts and it will bolt up fine
looking for £45 posted to your door

off under the grill and a bit at the side, needs painted really but would do if you arent too fussy,
has the front splitter, will sell this sepratly if needed, it is cracked but should repair okay
will also sell the front mesh seperatly if needed, and the bump strips pm me an offer for the lot or a part you need from it, bumper is too big to post really so would prefer local pickup

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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