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Towers up for top award

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MG Rover's chairman John Towers is up for the "Midlander of the year" award tonight, at a swank do in Birmingham venue
A prestigious award, he has been nominated among many others for his work in rescueing the company from oblivion (and 50,000 Midland jobs into the bargain) and for the progress made over the last 21 months.
I rather hope he wins.
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The profile of MGR continues to rise.
I think we are seeing MG getting the image it deserves. Who wants a *** now? :cool:
Can,t wait for the Video of the acceptance speech :MG:
Erm isnt this a trifle old or is i missing something :)

Pardon me but i have been out tonight :beer2:
Just goes to show how hings can radically change in a few short years.
The point of the rebirth was IRONY! How life changes ect!
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