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Top Gear and Jeremy Clarkson!

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CLARKSON COMEBACK? Monday 21st January from

Could Jeremy Clarkson be the saviour of BBC's motoring programming?

The Mail on Sunday has reported that Jeremy Clarkson is in talks with the BBC about fronting a new motoring programme. The Beeb have been suffering increasing criticism for the quality of their motoring output, since the heyday of Top Gear when Clarkson and co set the standard by which all car programs have been judged since.

Whether or not Clarkson would return to BBC2's Top Gear remains to be seen. The programme is being overhauled once again in an effort to bring it back to our screens with a more compelling format. Channel 5 is also reported to have poached the previous Top Gear team to present a programme which it could name Fifth Gear.

Given the level of interest in motoring in the UK it remains a mystery to us why there's not more motoring content on our screens. Aside from the real enthusiasts there are millions of people in this country who have a casual interest in cars which isn't catered to at all. Programme makers seem to assume that people in dull cars want programmes about dull cars. How wrong they are...

Looks as if our bleating may have been heard at the BBC Centre. Especially as Driven is now looking competative. What next, William Woollard returning?
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LOL, its nice to see the exotica that they sometimes feature, given the size of the industry and the amount we spend on cars you would think it would get more airtime.
Would be good to see unbiased and sensible reporting on the vehicles out there and not just seeing some noddy thrash a pointless supercar about a bit and then a competition between ego driven presenters to see who can raise the most laughs.

Driven (the last time I saw it) is better. It has credible reporters, Jason Plato can drive, Penny was never a great rally driver but at least she can do it and her presenting skills are pretty good now she has settled into the roll.

I agree some airtime to supercars is always interesting but most of the TG reporting is pretty dire, no real content. If the BBC want another "comedy entertainment programme" then fine, but a waste of an opportunity in my mind.

How about a TV version of CAR magazine (or how it used to be in the 80's)
EG, interesting and factual.
The current Fifth Gear/Driven format is one I prefer for a 30 minute TV slot.
The newer Top Gear format is entertaining, and it is jut that! its more about entertainment than information. I want to see every day cars, driven and pondered over, with safety and enviromental issues discussed with the agencies involved rather than a string of sarcastic comments from Clarkson!

Channel 5 is also reported to have poached the previous Top Gear team to present a programme which it could name Fifth Gear
Given the reference to Fifth Gear in future tense as a "possible", suggests this is a very old report. I suggest it pre-dates the current format TG. (especially as the last time Jan 21st was a Monday was in 2002)
So all the bleating didn't do a thing!

Has just been awarded an honoury degrre from an OXON Uni!
In one swift move, one of our oldest and most estemed universities manages to devalue the word 'degree'.
Ah right, and giving them to people like Mick Jagger (a convicted drug user) and Bob Geldof (an unwashed slob) and Eric Clapton (played guitear a bit in his youth) is ok?
At least Clarkson can write credible pieces even if they are contentious. He's a post-grad anyway so a degree isn't beyond him.
Didnt Bob Geldof organise a small concert back in the 80's as well? Did it to raise a few quid for charity apparantly... dont recall Clarkson being quite so generous with his time ;)

Rumour has it that some people call him 'sir' - a mark of respect if ever I heard one.
I like Top Gear and the current line of presenters.

JC has done a good job there!!!!
IMHO the whole reason for "Honourary" degrees/ doctorates is to get a bit of free publicity for the University & they aren't worth the paper they're written on... Especially if Clarkson got one as a doctorate in letters or something...

Bob- Clarkson writes contentious as in the BNP's election manifesto "contentious"? or as in "I don't really have anything intelligent to say so I'm going to score some cheap points by making fun of people"...?
Look, whatever Clarky says someone, somewhere will take offence. It's the "You can't please all the people all the time" thing.
He attacks caravan owners just as much as he does MGR owners for example.
Stop taking it all so personally.
Well he is to get Honourary Degree at Oxford Brooks Uni, but most people are protesting about it as a reflection of what has happened to MG Rover and his bad mouthing.

He's one of those guy's you either like or dislike.
JLD said:
In one swift move, one of our oldest and most estemed universities manages to devalue the word 'degree'.

Oxford Brookes was a Polytechnic until a few years ago. Oxford University; that different!

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