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Tony Pond

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I have just read on the Rover 800 list news of the death of the rally driver Tony Pond who lost his battle with Cancer.

In 1990, he set the fastest lap in a car around the TT course in the Isle of Man averaging over 100 mph in a basically standard Rover 827 Vitesse, something which I don’t think has been achieved again.

Sad loss,

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A sad loss to the world of motoring in general, and motorsport in particular.

He will be sadly missed.
I'm lucky enough to have that video, it and he was incredible. I was a big fan of his and am very sad to hear this news.

Very Sad news - that Video is wonderful piece of driving by an ace. I have a picture of his Comptervision 6R4 in my living room (sad). Thanks Bill.

Back to the man - he was the star who tamed the TR7/8 - SD1 rally car & 6R4.

Why cannot we defeat this horrible disease?? A very sad loss. So thats it my heros of the 70/80's have both been taken early - Tony Pond & James Hunt.
Eh! Just got back in - going to watch the master driving that R800 again around IOM! 100mph average on slicks with water peppering the cct - YES!

The man was a most underrated driver and car developer. It was he who developed those products previously mentioned. Don't forget his time in the Talbot Lotus Sunbeam when he won the RAC!

See Crash Net For More
Tony Pond was a true ace who could turn his much underated talent to most things. Although he will be remembered mostly for his rally expertise with the TR7/8 project, MG6R4 he was no slouch behind the rally version of the SD1.

Saw him racing in the early 80's at Silverstone. At the time he was part of the ARG team contesting the European Touring Car Championship. Later he was to assist with TWR as a works driver. A great talent who was good on the loose/tarmac as well as circuit racing. He could hold his own amongst legends such as Soper, Allam and Percy.

A very sad day.

I saw the Tony Pond/ Rover 827 video too today, 145-150mph for 35 secs he was doing at one point, an incredible drive.
I remember reading about this 827 drive when I was younger.

Simon has the article on his site (I think)

What is the video called and any ideas where I could get it from???

"TT Challenge." Produced by Duke Marketing Ltd, Tel No was 01624 623634, I've added a 1.

They are still going and I have just ordered it!! About £8 inc. postage.


See if you can spot the lucky animal that ran in front of him, he was doing over 130 at the time
There is an obituary in this weeks Autosport about the late and great Tony Pond. Penned by respected navigator, team manager, turned scribe John Davenport. Makes for good reading.

A particular piece which interested me was when Tony was contesting the Spa 24 Hours in Belgium. Davenport was the Team Manager of the ARG SD1 challenge in the ETC Championship. Pondy was teamed up with ex Grand Prix winner J-P Jaboiulle and Touring car ace Eddy Joosen. All with a great deal more knowledge and experience of circuit racing than our Tony.

Anyway during the race it rained, it ranied and it rained! Jaboiulle was loosing places after places. Finally the car fell out of the top six. Enter Tony, who single handed brought the Rover up to second. During this stint, he did double shifted, equating to 3 hours! This was in heavy rain and fog.

A great driver.

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Just thought it worthwhile to remind you of this mans abilities to tame a beast! Especially as that there are now less than 20 days to bid for the print in the Special Announcements Forum.


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Don't forget this:

Attached 6R4 (haven't a copy of the Computervision SD1 on hand). :(


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If anybody has a rather large amount of money burning a hole in their pocket, then one of Tonys TR7 V8s (the one he won the manx rally in) is for sale at a gararge near me.

Details can be found below (lots of other nice cars to!)

The individual page
Nice car, but way out of my price range.
I suppose there's always the lottery.
EVO says this about the man!

On Feb 7, Britain lost one of its best loved rally heroes, Tony Pond to cancer. It was Pond's glorious sideways style that endeared him to fans, and while he never won the British title, he always gave 100%, whether driving TR7 V8's, Chevettes, Nissan 240's or the Metro 6R4. In the TR he won the Ypres and the Manx twice, he scred thrdin Corsica nad fourth on the Safari driving a Datsun, ans won the Scottish Rally in a Vauxhall. And of course no recolection of Pond would be complete without a mention of his trip into the Lion's feading trough at Longleat whilst driving a TR7 V8 on the 1980 RAC.

One of his greatest results came on the RAC 5 years later when a trypically gritty and crowd-pleasing drive i the 6R4 nette third place, the Metro's best world championship result.

We reunited Pond with his 6R4 for a pre-Rally of great Britain in isue 2 of EVO. It was a pleasure to work with him and an honour to meet and ride alongside a personal hero.

Very fine & fitting words by John Barker of EVO mag. TripleC also has a fine obituary too - worth a read. In the Triple C are some worthy requotes from Tony
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This months MotorSport is the one to buy if you want to read about the life and times of Tony Pond(April 2002). Makes for excellent reading. Tribute letter from Bill Blydenstein - he who entered the HSR, as well as John Davenport. The editor,Paul Fearnley also has a good word for our hero, he was in the passenger seat when Pondy "blitzed" the Isle of Man.

How about this though.In his first race in the Rover at Donnington Park he planted the car on pole and finished third. In his second race he won. Don't forget this is his first season of touring cars. The guy was an ace.

Buy It!


A very good read on our hero of RWD fame! Wonder what he would have thought about the forthcoming new RWD V8's?
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