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This Clarkson Quote....

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"And then along came ***, who removed any vestige of sportiness lest it pinch sales from the 3-series. And to make matters worse, they garnished the finished product with what they thought was a traditionally British interior. It wasn't."

is it a fair statement?
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Love him or loathe him, you can always count on him to say it as he sees it.
I thought the 75 was designed by Rover from the ground up, or so they claim.
Quite correct. The Rover 75 is a British car. *** didn't have much input at all except for paying the bills! One good thing that came out of marriage made in hell I suppose. Upps, sorry forgot the wonderful "Z" axel.
One thing to remember about Clarkson, is that he changes his mind more often than most of us on here change our pants.
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