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Had to goto Oxford today to the DVLC office to do some paperwok for a "plate" transfer.

First, point decided to give it some, accelerating to an undisclosed speed - I spied the Yellow jacket on a bridge - not sure if it was a camera or surveying jacket - doesn't look good! This could decide the car and where do I live debate. :( Ye olde radar detector didn't pick him up - so my be OK!

Secondly, where the old City Motors (Vauxhall) complex was/is the enemy has taken over. North Oxford Garages (***) have acquired this huge site for their future showrooms. :mad: :mad: :mad: This is the worst possible news - better complex to sell more ***'s.

However, the Brits strike back, Kernahan of Witney are going to develop their site to accomodate more cars indoors and a seperate prestige division. Oh! and the buling is of real Cotswold stone, none of this fake *** malarky! Love all!

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I hope that Kernahan of Witney have improved the test drive procedure since I drove - briefly - an MGF there several years ago. One of the reasons that I bought an MX-5 rather than the F was that the guy at Oxford Mazda let me drive it straight from the showroom, telling me to make sure that I rev'd the engine plenty :) and then proceeded to direct me to some nice twisty country roads :D :D In contrast, the guy at Kernahan drove the car himself around some nice country lanes :( before letting me drive in a queue of traffic along a boring major road and into Witney :mad: :mad: Not the way to sell a sportscar!


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Anthracite (S)

I totally concur with your statement, it is not the way to sell a sportcar! I know that they do not sell cars that way now. :)

I would say that they and many other manufactures salesmen tend to drive first so as to out you at your ease while they have the opportunity to describe the vehicle. It must be a selling physchology thing too!Ralliart for example do exactly the same if you are new to the brand.

However, if you are a regular boring type like me and they know you then you drive first:)

Hopefully, they will read yoiur comments and either respond or take action!

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I can certainly understand what you are saying about putting you at your ease. Oxford Mazda, and Mantle's Rover where I bought the ZS for that matter, are both on the outskirts of the towns so letting someone drive from the garage is probably not too intimidating. Kernahan is pretty much in the centre of Witney so some people might prefer to be driven out of the town before taking the wheel. I would have had no problem, even with the salesman driving for as long as he did, if I then got to drive on the sort roads I go out of my way to find.

In Kernahan's defence, this was in the first year after the F was launched so they may have still been getting a lot of time-wasters. It may be that they were letting people have proper drives on their second visits? Bit of a high risk attitude though!

S. (or Steve H as I appear on the BBS)

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It matters not a jot if NOG move to bigger and better premises if they are staffed by the same imbeciles as I had the misfortune to deal with a few years ago. I went for a *** ages ago, and when I said I also had a 820 on my list, he proceeded to slag it off, until I pointed out that Rover were part of *** (then)! Thankfully I bought the 820, and it went for 155k with no real grief whatsoever.
PS If anyone is up this way, can I reccomend the embryonic MG-R dealership, Charles Barber of Northwich, Cheshire? They have dumped a SEAT franchise for MG-R, and are very keen and proffesional.
BTW the old City Motors were'nt much cop, either..I know someone who placed an order for a Manta when they were finising that model, had it confirmed, only to be rang back later and told sorry, none left!!

Well done, Kernahans. I remember when they were Owen T. Kernahan and it is not impossible to spot an old ARG/BL car around Oxon withe on of the old "Owen T" stickers in the back.

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Dixon Rover in S****horpe, where I bought my ZS (and the wifes ZR) is on the outskirts of town, together with their other franchises (Peugeot, Renault, Citroen).
Apart from a large second hand car dealer there is little around and it is close to open roads.
Staff are helpful and the sales staff are very pro MG.
I know that some people have had problems with large multi franchise operations but, to date, the service that I have received has always been good.

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Thought I would filter the obvious words - there is another setting to avoid the S****horpe problem - will look at it later. I bought a 200BRM from Dixons - Donny (wife MAX comes from nr there).

Have you seen the Clarkson article on Oxford, I totally agree with him, but the local TV hate him. Here its is in full glory. The place has been ruined by over zelous traffic management schemes:

What a choke ... a prime example of Oxford's blocked roads

THERE has been a lot of talk about Britain’s woeful rail services in recent weeks.

But even if the Government manages to sort them out — without bankrupting the Treasury in the process — Britain’s transport system will still be far from cured.

Mending the trains is like mending the ingrowing toenail of someone who has terminal cancer.

Earlier this week, I thought it would be nice to take my wife out for dinner and then on to a film.

Nothing wrong with that you may think. Going for something to eat and then on to a cinema is not a particularly antisocial pursuit. But, if you live near Oxford, the most car-hating, fascist city in Britain, forget it.

They don’t want your custom. They don’t want your money. They would rather you stayed at home and ate babies.

First of all, parking is not just difficult or time consuming.

It’s absolutely impossible.

I drove round the block until I’d wasted half a tank of fuel before giving up and leaving the car in a space reserved for disabled resident lesbian doctors.

I’d picked the only decent restaurant in town that allows smoking. But in the true spirit of socialism, a party of fresh air fanatics had plonked themselves and all their DayGlo cycling clobber, in the smoking section.

So I was forced to sit at my table for an hour, breathing nothing but their hot air.

And naturally, when I came outside at 8pm, the car was sporting a parking ticket.

With hindsight, I should have left it there and gone to the cinema on foot but that simply isn’t safe any more.

Just about everyone I know who goes to Oxford regularly has now been stabbed, mugged, beaten or robbed.

Recently, a boy I know followed orders from the Central Committee of the People’s Council, used the bus and had a gun pulled on him.Oxford likes to promote itself as a genteel centre of learning.

But it is worse than Detroit.


Do me a favour. This place needs Robocop.

But I guess they couldn’t afford to build such a thing. Not when they’ve spent so much on cameras and speed humps.

So we got into the car and bumped our way over the traffic-calming measures — which always make me angry — to the cinema where there were a couple of free meters.

These, however, were useless because until 11 at night waiting is limited to two hours and we were going to see The Lord Of The Rings, which goes on for five days.

Needless to say, they were five smokeless days too. So I was in a tense state when I came out to find that my car — moored up in a spot reserved for visiting homosexual astronauts from the People’s Republic of Cuba — had got its second £20 ticket of the evening.

Fuming, literally, I set out for London, and my problems really began, because once you’ve become entangled in the one-way system, so far as I can tell, there’s no way out again.

It would be interesting to know how many people listed on the police “runaway list” didn’t, in fact, run away at all.

They’re all stuck in Oxford, trying desperately to get home.
You have to wonder what on earth the local council is thinking about with policies that a five-year-old child can see are idiotic.

If you make cars unwelcome, and you provide no safe, reliable and, above all, convenient alternative, then people will feel unwelcome as well.

And they’ll take their money somewhere else.

So, Mr Blair, fix the trains by all means.

But if you can find five minutes before heading off for Africa or Tuscany or whichever part of the world needs you next, do you think it would be possible to write to your henchmen in the shires and tell them to grow up?

YOU want to know what I thought about The Lord Of The Rings?

Well, if they’d made a pop video for the Yes double album, Tales From Topographic Oceans, this is what it would have been like.
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